cat map 2009
Map Copyright:  Bob Marsh (2009)

Cat Island, Mississippi is part of a chain of barrier islands off the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  It has been a well-written part of our nation’s pre-history and has remained an integral asset to both our country and its people.  For more information on its interesting past please follow the link to Cat Island History & Folklore

 Founded by Captain Leo Hyde, the Pirates are a group of friends who kayak regularly to Cat Island from the mainland and live to tell about it…  (Often, the reason they live to tell about it is because of the motorized Pirates who are there to tow them, taxi them, or meet them on their boats to add to the fun and joy of the day.)

Anyone who loves and respects Cat Island and makes the effort to get out there can become a Pirate!!!

The Cat Island Pirates is an “invitation only” club that regularly kayaks to Cat Island.  (These invitations can be easily procured by contacting us via email, Facebook, Twitter, website, cannonball, or a “booty” bribe.)

Please visit our Contact page for more info.

Membership is “bestowed” once completing a trip to Cat from the mainland and back by kayak (single or tandem), practicing a ”Leave No Trace” camping policy, and being knowledgeable of  the rich history of Cat Island.

Future Members are voted in, after completing the trip, based on the  subjective mindset of the founding members.   New Pirates may be asked to haul vast quantities of pirate booty or pirate brew to the island, during their initial trips.

Above all, Cat Island Pirates practice safe kayaking, and always band together when threatened.

Pirate Law is final and the Code can never be broken at the risk of “Cat of Nine Tails” flogging, walking the plank, or worse..