1st Annual C.I.P. Rendezvous

1st Annual Cat Island Rendezvous (Apr 2020)

As COVID-19 spreads and quarantine restrictions begin to unravel the senses of the land-dwellers, the Cat Island Pirates find strength in the island which calls them home–providing not only serenity, but new pirates as well!! Most of our new pirate crew came from the swamps of New Orleans, where they had been self-quarantining until they got the call from Cat Island to seek refuge.

This gathering will henceforth be known to as the “1st Annual Cat Island Pirate Rendezvous.

Proper Pirate Greeting in the time of COVID

What does our island provide for our CIP Rendezvous? The best: Sun, Sand, Fresh Fish, & Open Air!!

1st Annual C.I.P. Rendezvous Pirates (aka COVID QUARANTINE ROLL CALL):

  • Capt. Leo (Fearless Leader)
  • Scrappy (QuarterMaster/Head Chef)
  • Eric Necaise (Fish Master)
  • Sandi Ann (Entertainment)
  • Pirate Lindsey GB GreenBowl
  • Pirate Lee Ann
  • Pirate Sir Chadwick
  • Pirate Jean Patrick.
Aaarrrggghhhh!! L to R: LeeAnn, Sir Chadwick, Scrappy, Sir Jean Patrick, & Captain Leo


3 days of camping, drinking rum, catching redfish & speckled trout for grilling, nightly bonfires, and endless memories.

L to R: Scrappy, Lee Ann, Lindsey GB
L to R: Sir Jean Patrick, Lee Ann, & Sir Chadwick

2 thoughts on “1st Annual C.I.P. Rendezvous

  1. Leigh Ann De Monredon says:

    Yes We are the CIP!
    Now for the grueling task of name updates! My name is Leigh Ann in print, but we will discover my private/island name when the pirates of the past whisper it to us! And Scrappy, well, she’s been promoted to the elegant stature of Countess because she takes care of her peeps like one. But for those that like the languages of far lands, she can also be referred to as the Contessa. As for Lt. Lindsey Green Bowl keep up the good work!!! Argh!!!


  2. Alexandra Bruns says:

    Here I finally found you, Leigh Ann!
    I neither have your current email- address nor your phone number.
    Please, contact me, I haven‘t heard of you for years, yours German friend Alex with Sven, Moritz and little Mathilda


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